Visibly, the world’s first virtual vision test technology company, announced today that it will continue to provide independent optometrists and ophthalmologists free access to its virtual vision test technology, arming doctors with the ability to conduct remote vision tests, ensuring stronger patient relationships and greater patient capacity while many are unable or unwilling to visit the practice in person.

“We have seen firsthand the impact the pandemic has had on communities around the world and Visibly is here to provide a cost-free technology that enables doctors the ability to serve patients in safe and efficient environments,” said Brent Rasmussen, Chief Executive Officer of Visibly. “Independent optometrists and ophthalmologists can rely on our technology to grow their practice while keeping all individuals safe.”

Visibly is the world’s first advanced vision testing telehealth technology that allows ECPs to attract, serve and engage with patients virtually. With this technology, ECPs continue to manage all patient data with the additional ability to screen new and existing patients’ visual acuity, and conduct at-home vision prescription renewal tests. With the growing demand of telehealth services, ECPs can also use the technology to attract and retain their patient base.

Independent optometrists and ophthalmologists can access this technology for free by emailing: info@govisibly.com.