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How to Take the Vision Test

The vision test takes just 5 minutes of your time and only costs $35!


Check Eligibility

Answer a few, super simple questions to ensure you qualify for the test.

Complete Test

Then, you'll complete the test and renew your prescription in 5 minutes or less.

Doctor Review

A licensed doctor will dispense your prescription within 24 hours.

Shop Eyewear

Shop for your contacts or glasses and continue seeing visibly.

The quickest way to renew your vision prescription

Get your eyes checked and renew your vision prescription from the comfort of your home

  • You only need 5 minutes and 10 feet of space
  • Receive a prescription within 24 hours from an Optometrist or Ophthalmologis

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the online vision test work?

Our online vision test works in four easy steps:
1. Check eligibility
2. Complete vision test
3. Doctor review
You can learn more about the process in its entirety here!

Do I need a previous prescription to take Visibly’s online vision test?

Yes! Visibly's online vision test is a prescription renewal service, so the doctor will want to know your previous prescription so they know what they need to renew for you!

How do I know if I’m eligible for the online vision test?

There are certain age, location, and vision health requirements to qualify for taking our vision test.

In order to be eligible for Visibly’s online vision test, you must:

How often should I renew my vision prescription?

In most states, your vision prescription expires one year after it has been issued and a renewal is required annually in order to purchase glasses or contacts. You should always renew your prescription prior to purchasing new glasses or contacts (you can get started here!).

It's also important to remember that renewing your vision prescription is not the same thing as a comprehensive eye exam with an eye doctor, which should be completed regularly.


Who reviews my vision test results and issues my prescription?

Once you have completed the online vision test, your results are reviewed by a board-certified ophthalmologist or optometrist in the state you are located. 

How do I access my prescription from Visibly?

After a licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist has issued your prescription, you will receive an email from Optimized Eye Care, Visibly's doctor network, with your prescription.  

You also can access your prescription anytime by logging in to your Visibly account

Where can the vision test be completed?

The vision test can be taken from anywhere there is an internet connection available, including the comfort of your own home. However, there are states that have regulations on healthcare technology and telehealth which restrict the use of Visibly.

Our service and standards of practice are consistent with all applicable regulations on both state and federal laws. Below is a map that shows the states in which residents can or cannot take the online eye test.